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Charles is a young 24 years old man with an unfortunate story of an accidental accident that has left him paralyzed.  Thankfully, it is not a long-term injury and he will eventually be able to fully walk and regain his original mobility through continuous rehab and dedication. We performed a few different projects throughout the home, in particular:

  • We created a more accessible bathroom so he can, without the assistance of his loving mother shower and utilize the bathroom with much easier ability

  • We fully equipped the bathroom with all the necessary ADA Compliant equipment such as: grab bars; a built in shower bench, elevated toilet w/ toilet harness and a handheld shower assembly

  • We also created a 50’ concrete walk way on the outside of the home so we can easily transfer from the car and gain access to the home


It was a pleasure to work with Charles and his loving mother, Frances! We at SPN are rooting you in Charles. Get well brotha!!

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