Our Vision

To be the Premier Provider of Home Modifications & Home Gratification for individuals that are mentally and/or physically disabled along the entire East Coast. Branded as a family first driven culture that is creating a harmonious environment and changing the experience for your entire family

Our Mission

To provide Home Modifications for individuals that are mentally and/or physically disabled and make their home living experience more accessible, gratifying and independent

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About Us

Everything You Need to Know About SPN Construction.

SPN Construction specializes in home modification for the physically and mentally disabled. Established in 2009, SPN Construction strives to improve the lives of our aging and disabled loved ones. Often neglected from the rest and restricted to a few movements here and there in the house, SPN Construction aims to change this and give the aging and disabled the ability to live a healthy and happy life.

Why Choose SPN Construction?

We provide our participants with the uttermost home remodeling services, unlike any other, to make sure they are satisfied at the end of every project. For us, the smile a participant has on his face every time we complete a task is the motivation we need to keep going.

At SPN Construction, we give more emphasis to finishing in all smiles rather than just getting the work done. If you want your home remodeling done in your unique style, following all your specific needs and set standards, then there is no better construction company than SPN construction. It is true to say that we care for our participants more than any other construction company out there.

Saverio P. Nestico

What services do we offer?

As a participant, you need to understand the extent to which we are willing to go to put that smile on your face. The following are the services you can expect anytime you hire us.

Entrance: To make sure your home entrance is accessible; we do anything from expanding the walk-ins to installing a wheelchair ramp. We also offer custom-designs to accommodate any unique home layouts.

Decks:  We make sure your outdoor area is accessible for the aging and the disabled. For a single-story deck, we will add a ramp to enhance accessibility. Our esteemed employees follow the ADA guidelines to guarantee your safety.

Bathroom Modification: When it comes to your bathroom remodeling, we can do it all anything from walk-in tubs, roll-under sinks, bath seats, barrier-free shower doors, handheld shower controls, safety rails, handicapped-available showers, hand-held shower, bathtub lifts, grab bars, shower screens, hand grips, transfer benches, easy-transfer toilets, wheelchair turnaround areas, well-mounted sinks, easily accessible storage to non-slip surface.

Kitchen Modification: In your kitchen, we will lower the counter height and adjust the height of the sink to make it accessible for a seated person. We also install easily accessible countertops, sinks, and stove.

Wheelchair Accessibility Equipment: In collaboration with HandiCare, Bruno, Harmar, and Ameriglide, we provide you with Home Modification pieces of equipment.

Stair Lifts: We provide and customize stairlifts to fit into your unique home design. It can either be a straight stairlift, curved stairlift, outdoor stairlift, or a platform stairlift.

Inclined Platform Lifts:  They come with a wheelchair platform that moves at an angle on the existing staircase. It carries a seated individual up and down the stairs with ease.

Vertical Platform Lifts: We customize for several heights and weights, depending on what you need for your vertical platform lifts. This way, we ensure the mobility and independence of the user.

CAD Floor Plan Design: Our motivated team of experts first involve you in drawing the plan and then keep you updated all through floor remodeling.