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SPN provides wheelchair ramp installation services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware.

SPN can sell you the accessibility equipment you need and ship it throughout the entire USA.

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Concrete Ramps

Wheelchair-accessible concrete is one of our many accessibility options. We provide installation wheelchair ramps for stairs with the most significant degree of craftsmanship to meet all ADA Compliance requirements. 


  • Most weather-resistant type of installation. Endure weather or climate of all temperatures 

  • Permanent

  • The low-maintenance option is also very durable. They have a high weight capacity as well, which is great for regular, repetitive use of the ramp.

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Small short concrete ramp solutions can be cheap to install

  • Can be made to blend in with existing paths and surrounding areas


  • Permanent

  • Can’t be easily reused, modified, adjusted, changed, or removed

  • Prone to cracks and deterioration, require the occasional maintenance

  • Fixed gradients can’t be adjusted with clients’ needs

  • No drainage facilities

  • Pooling of water on the surface commonly occurs

  • The surface can become mossy and slipper

  • Expensive – particularly with higher height ramps

  • Time-consuming to install

  • Concrete installations are dependent on weather conditions 

Advantages of Concrete Ramps

Disadvantages of Concrete Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair-accessible wood ramps are one of our many accessibility options. We provide installations of residential wheelchair ramp with the most significant degree of craftsmanship to meet all ADA Compliance requirements. 


  • Wood ramps are built on-site and can incorporate angles or curves into the ramp design as required. This customization can add greatly to the use and acceptability of the ramp for specific applications.

  • Wood ramps can be painted/stained to better blend in with the home’s exterior design elements

  • Wheelchair ramp installer may be cheaper other options - especially when using DIY labor


  • Generally considered a permanent structure, wood ramps may require plats of survey, building permits, and concrete piers set below the frost line.

  • Even when using pressure-treated lumber, wood ramps will deteriorate and require periodic maintenance. This is especially true of ramps in direct sunlight. Another issue with wood ramps in humid and shady areas is mold/algae buildup that is both unsightly and slippery

  • Over time, warping, cracking and splintering can occur with wood ramps affecting their appearance and ultimately, their safety.

  • Snow and ice buildup on wood ramps can occur to and the use of ice melt on wood ramps may accelerate their deterioration.

  • The cost of wood wheelchair ramp rental near me has been on the rise of late

Advantages of Wood Ramps

Disadvantages of Wood Ramps

Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair-accessible modular ramps are one of our many accessibility options. We provide installations with the most significant degree of craftsmanship to meet all ADA Compliance requirements. 


  • Aluminum ramps are typically considered temporary and do not generally require permits. Wheelchair ramps for steep stairs can be installed in place over existing porches, steps, sidewalks, and yards.

  • Aluminum ramps will have integrated feet that rest on the ground. In the case of soft surfaces, concrete patio blocks or bricks are set underneath the pads to better distribute the load.

  • In areas where the wind is a factor, aluminum ramps can be tied down with ground augers to resist movement

  • Offer excellent traction and water/snow shedding. Metal ramps are not prone to ice buildup and can better tolerate the use of some types of snowmelt (especially aluminum)

  • Aluminum ramps, due to their modularity and lack of a permit requirement, lend themselves to short term rental use rather than purchase

  • Metal ramps (especially aluminum) are very low maintenance

  • Up to 1,000 lbs. weight capacity

  • Metal ramps can be disassembled and taken with you or sold when you move


  • Come in standard sizes and may be difficult to customize to fit specific site requirements

  • Painted steel ramps will eventually rust and will require scraping and painting to prolong the life

  • Aluminum ramps have a silvery finish that some find objectionable and are difficult/expensive to paint

  • Metal ramps have two basic tread designs: open mesh or raised rib solid. The open mesh design will allow the growth of grass/weeds if placed over existing yards

  • In some neighborhoods, aluminum or steel ramps are a target of theft

  • Metal ramps may be more expensive than wood, with aluminum generally costing more than steel

Advantages of Modular Ramps

Disadvantages of Modular Ramps

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