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Inclined Platform Lifts

SPN provides services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware.

SPN can sell you the accessibility equipment you need and ship it throughout the entire USA. We currently offer Handicare, Harmar and Ameriglide IPL’s.

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Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts (IPLs) is one of our many accessibility options. We provide the installation and modification needed with the most significant degree of craftsmanship to meet all ADA Compliance requirements. 


  • The biggest benefits that butler inclined platform wheelchair lifts have to offer, is the fact that they’re so versatile. These lifts can be used both indoors and outdoors, and some can be designed specifically for a home or care environment

  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance plans help to minimize downtime

  • Titan incline platform lift can overcome the barrier of stairs

  • Can transport the user and his wheelchair

  • Gives access to straight stairways, for people in wheelchairs

  • A residential incline platform lifts a solution that offers elderly individuals and those with disabilities the comfort and convenience of an elevator

  • User-friendly and butler inclined lift cost is affordable. 

  • Delta inclined platform lift can fit in small staircases such as 34” residential ones

  • High loading capacity

  • Commercial Inclined platform lifts can carry a wheelchair up a straight set of stairs, which makes them the perfect solution for home use as well as for use in some small offices. 

  • They can be placed in straight or curved staircases with several landings or turns

  • Smooth and quiet operation

  • Titan incline platform lift comes with fully automatic operation (with electrically controlled folding platform and barrier arms that protect the user thereby locking down before the platform moves)

  • Foldaway design (lift can be folded away when not in use, leaving the maximum stairway space for pedestrians)

  • Remote and manual controls

  • If you need a lift that follows a flight of stairs, perhaps because your home doesn’t have the appropriate space or layout to accommodate a vertical lift, then your best choice would be an outdoor inclined platform lift. 

  • Uses less space as opposed to installing a ramp. When installing a ramp, meeting building codes requires one foot of horizontal distance for every vertical inch. As a result, you’ll need to add about 12 feet of ramp for a one-foot rise. This is manageable for a 12- to 18-inch distance. However, to cover 18 inches, the ramp takes up about 75 square feet.

Advantages of IPLs

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