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SPN provides services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware.

SPN can sell you the accessibility equipment you need and ship it throughout the entire USA. 

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Wrought Iron Railings

The ADA compliant wrought iron railing adds more accessibility to individuals who have minor disabilities used outdoors or indoors. It also increases the esthetics of surroundings and is more durable. We provide all installations with the most significant degree of craftsmanship.

  • Railings provide enhanced support and allow others to feel more comfortable walking on the platform

  • most railings can typically withstand harsh weather conditions and often require low maintenance

  • Customizable – And Suitable for All Types of Homes and Commercial Buildings

  • If a person suffers from vertigo or an extreme fear of heights, a railing can make them feel more comfortable

  • To Provide Comfort and Peace of Mind: For those with mobility issues, a railing can make them feel more comfortable and confident. Just knowing a hand railing is there if needed helps people move more safely from A to B.

  • Beautiful – Attractive Railings with Great Curb Appeal

  • During inclement weather, including rain, snow, ice, and sleet, both steps outdoors and indoors, as well as sidewalks and other walkways can become slippery and dangerous. 

  • Homebuyers, especially those with kids and pets, are often willing to pay more for a home enclosed by a fence. They value the security it offers. The classic, elegant appearance and durability of wrought iron railings and gates is a sought-after feature that attracts buyers and retains value.

  • Hand railings provide support, and many people will clutch on to them to ensure that they don’t slip. 

  • Wheelchair ramp handrails provide convenient handholds and also prevent wheelchair users from falling off the edges of the ramp. If you install a wheelchair ramp outside a commercial building, installing suitable handrails may also be a legal requirement, and improper handrails can leave your business open to lawsuits and other enforcement actions

  • One of the main advantages of using metal material over wood is that metal is far more durable than that of wooden material. This means that by using metal material, it will provide cost-saving benefits as you will not have to routinely replace it. Metal can withstand any weather without degrading or deteriorating.

  • Another advantage of using metal over wood for the structure’s ADA compliant railings is that it provides a modern appearance. Metal material is similar to wood in that it can be painted. This provides a way to add distinction to the property without falling out of compliance or sacrificing durability.

  • Horizontal handrails are useful to separate walkways from vehicular access ways and guide pedestrians into the right areas. They also provide additional safety and support if the floor is slippery or dangerous to cross because of inclement weather like rain, ice, or snow.

  • Depending on the design, stairways and sloped access ways may require both guardrails and handrails. For example, the guardrails can serve as the element defining the stairs’ outer edges, which can be fitted with purpose-built handrails at the proper height for grabbing and holding onto

Advantages of Railings

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