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Shower Glide Bars

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Shower Glide Bars

Installing a Shower Glide Bar with handheld shower head is an easy way to make your shower safer and easier to use. This will allow for an adjustable stationary position for the shower head If you have a bench in your shower then the Glide Bar with a handheld shower head is great combination to use if you struggle to stand.



  • Individuals can be wheeled under the spray of the water and the shower holder for shower head adjusted to a height that makes the water comfortably reach their head and body

  • Most Adjustable shower head holder for slide bar also meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements to create a safe and secure bath and shower system in apartments, homes, and group living environments for disabled and elderly residents

  • Can easily be installed on the existing surround with strong suction cups and having a hand showerhead allows the shower to be used comfortably and easily

  • The costs of these shower heads are quite affordable compared to the benefits gained

  • There are some adjustable shower holders that offer long hoses up to 80 inches in length. They can reach any angle and helps to cleanse the body thoroughly

  • You can accommodate multiple family member heights, adjust for low or high shower pipes, and locate the shower head spray to target a specific area

  • Hand-held showerhead holder is a terrific help. It can be manipulated to angle toward those hard-to-reach areas. One step better is a hand-held showerhead on a sliding rail that allows for individual adjustment. Many hand-held showerheads also have adjustable spray options to accommodate individual preferences for spray intensity from hammer massage to gentle mist. Chrome is the most common finish, but other finishes like brushed nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze are also available.

  • Handheld shower heads allow you to clean your shower walls with ease. Have you ever found yourself struggling to rinse off soap suds from your shower walls and doors after scrubbing them clean? The streams from a mounted shower head only rinse the shower walls half way but a handheld shower head gives you the ability to rinse every inch of your shower back off with ease after a good cleaning.

  • A shower holder for shower head can truly make a home much more comfortable and convenient for everyone of all ages from children to elderly. Helping disabled elderly shower or giving those that aren’t disabled the ability to shower easily by themselves is a great benefit of a handheld shower head if you have any elderly family members living in your home. Handheld shower heads help elders feel more self-reliant and allow them to gain some of their independence back

  • You no longer have to struggle with trying to rinse shampoo or thick conditioner back out of your hair. Hand held shower heads holders are perfect for rinsing your hair quickly and efficiently. With a handheld shower head, you don’t have to worry about missing soap suds and you don’t have to turn your head at a 90 degree angle to rinse difficult places like behind your ears because you can simply bring the handheld shower head close to your head and guide it wherever you want it to go for a smooth rinse. This way, you won’t have to worry about running soapy water over your face and into your eyes while you’re trying to rinse your hairline.

Advantages of Shower Glide Bars

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