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Vertical Platform Lifts

SPN provides services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware.

SPN can sell you the accessibility equipment you need and ship it throughout the entire USA. We currently offer Harmar and Ameriglide VPL’s. Visit our Store

Commercial & Residential Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) are one of our many accessibility options. We provide the installation and modification needed with the most significant degree of craftsmanship to meet all ADA Compliance requirements. 

  • Provides easily accessibility and transports the user without leaving their wheelchair

  • User feels more independent since they can control the VPL using a control call

  • More aesthetically pleasing than a large ramp system

  • Weather-resistant 

  • Seen as a safer alternative to wheelchair ramps

  • Easy to use when professionally installed

  • When compared to the installation of wheelchair ramps, a vertical platform lift takes a portion of the time to install for a fraction of the cost.

  • If you’re not thrilled about the design of wheelchair ramps due to lack of space in and around your home, then a platform lift is a great alternative

  • The compact design means you have more space to maneuver in the home and outside the home and can still get where you want to be

  • Some platform lifts are available as portable models. As a result of their compact size and easy mobility, portable lifts are capable of being transported from one location to another, as needed, and then can be moved into storage. Portable models are best suited for stadiums, schools, or organizations, such as convention centers or custom stage companies.

  • Lifts are capable of easily overcoming a wide range of elevation changes, including between levels within multi-story buildings. Some platform lift models are capable of rising up to 14’

  • They can easily transport 750 pounds and have a lift height of 14 feet, making it optimal for an upper or lower deck

  • Wheelchair lifts are a big help for people with a physical disability, as well as for the elderly who use wheelchairs because of mobility issues

  • Can be used in different locations such as homes, schools, places of worship, and commercial spaces

  • Improves quality of life for individuals with physical limitations and enhances their confidence and independence

  • Anyone can use a platform lift. Whether you use a wheelchair or not, a platform lift can carry you smoothly up your stairs. An added benefit of a platform lift is its capacity to carry heavy cargo, meaning you have an easy solution to carry heavy goods up and down your stairs, without putting yourself in danger

  • Can be installed both outdoors and indoors

Advantages of VPLs

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) can also be used when a porch or deck is not existing. Therefore an opening is created by removing the railing and installing the unit on the sidewalk. We provide installations with the most significant degree of craftsmanship to meet all ADA Compliance requirements.

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