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5 Must-Have Bathroom Modifications For Seniors

When we are in our twenties, thirties, and even early forties, we don't give much thought to bathroom modifications for elderly. We're able-bodied and have no problems or health issues, so what would be the point? As we get older, though, things start to change.

Although most disabled people try to avoid being dependent on others. And when it comes to taking a bath with low mobility, they face many problems. To consider this, we at SPN Construction Mobility offer you various home modifications for the disabled at affordable rates to restore your independence. Let's explore further to spotlight quality bathroom modifications for seniors:

1. Roll-in Showers

Our roll-in showers are best for disabled people to roll into the shower using a shower wheelchair directly. The shower should be large enough for the wheelchair to maneuver within the stall. Most roll-in showers have beveled thresholds about 0.5″ high to allow the wheelchair to roll over. Many roll-in showers can retrofit into existing bathtub areas.

2. Walk-in Showers

Our walk-in showers are the most recent remodelings for washrooms to take special care of the versatility needs of the people in aging. Additionally, justifiably they are roomy, rich, and available. A modern Walk-in shower is a completely open and tiled shower without entryways and dividers. As an investment, installing walk-in showers with inconspicuous changes to fit the requirements of the space. A few styles will have lower lips and edges to contain water.

However, they might not have a sliding entryway on a track; there are many advantages for which individuals, for the most part, favor walk-in showers to add to their washrooms. You can clean them rapidly, available for debilitated and more established grown-ups.

3. Walk-in Bathtubs

For many individuals, the simple act of bathing or taking a shower can be a challenging experience. People with low mobility find themselves stuck in a tough spot. If your loved one is prevented by illness, injury, or disability from bathing or showering independently, it can give them complete peace of mind.

In addition, going without a helper can lead to falls or injuries that put both you and your loved one at risk. Fortunately, walk-in tubs do away with this stressful situation, however, and help restore your independence. Our experts install these walk-in bathtubs in your bathroom in such a way that gives seniors an incredible bathing experience.

4. Grab Bars

Grab bars for elderly are a significant investment meant to help seniors and those with limited mobility. When done properly, grab bars can go a long way in preventing falls and injuries. However, they can also be affordable and relatively easy to install in the bathroom. When we install these grab bars, they ensure a firm grip for the elderly and make their bath safe and relaxable.

5. Shower Glide Bars

Our main goal is to create a safer home for seniors. Bathrooms are the riskiest place in the house that cause more injuries to seniors. That's why we offer quality shower glide bars for seniors and install them efficiently near the bathtub, entrance, or anywhere you want so they can easily take a bath with complete peace of mind.

Benefits of Installing Bathroom Modifications For Seniors

  • Safety

  • Restore independence

  • Convenience

  • Decline risks

  • Reduce medical expenses

Things to Consider Before Choosing Any Bathroom Modification

Undoubtedly, bathroom modifications for seniors in New Jersey are an exciting task. But, before going towards new modifications in your bathrooms, you need to consider a few things that might help you make your bathroom modulation a sure-shot success. Take a cue from the things listed below that you must consider before going in for modulation of your bathroom:


Our home modifications for the elderly are economical and affordable bathroom safety devices. We understand the constraints on our customer's pockets while installing the bathroom modulations for seniors. We have a variety of shower glide bars, roll-in showers, walk-in bathtubs, and many more that are remarkable and affordable. By using these modifications, you can easily access a hot bath and steamy shower without slipping and falling.


Home modifications for seniors might be many, but we have the best solutions for you. Our foremost concern is to provide comfortable solutions for seniors in the bathroom, and we have quality products and give them a perfect shape there. You can install a walk-in tub at your home as it improves people's comfort and reduces the chances of having severe accidents.


Whether it is young or old, everyone wants a home that makes life easier in today's world. After nearing retirement, you realize the need to modify bathrooms for elderly and disabled persons in your home that suit your comfort and style. When deciding to do this, ask our help renovate your bathroom with quality modifications without wasting any time, and we install them timely without taking any extra charges.

Make Your Entrance More Welcoming For People with Limited Mobility

Seniors can face mobility issues while walking. This is why they need to be extra careful, depending upon the things that they have in the bathroom. These are some of the major bathroom modifications for seniors that can help you to make your activities easier.

A Final Sum Up

Searching for a company that provides bathroom modifications for seniors in New Jersey?

SPN Construction Mobility is the right choice. Our modification experts are well-trained in making outstanding designs of an accessible bathroom that meets the needs of disabled people. We offer various services like bathroom remodeling, bathroom widening, and bathtub cutouts that make your bathroom more accessible and user-friendly for people with mobility challenges.

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