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A Complete Guide To Wheelchair Ramps For Stairs

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Wheelchair Ramps make it super easy for the disabled and the elderly to enjoy complete freedom. They allow them to move in, out, and around the home safely and freely. This is one of the cost-effective and practical solutions to increase mobility for the elders.

By installing a ramp, the people who use wheelchairs can quickly move their chairs and enter the home. They can easily access the steps, doorways, showers, porches, and any raised landing area.

SPN Construction Mobility is a well-known and experienced company that provides professional ramp services in New Jersey. From the selection to the installation of the ramps, we cover everything.

So, let’s jump right into it and explore more about these ramps that will help you choose the right one for your home.

Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair Ramps

Classification of Wheelchair Ramps

We all know that people with low mobility and older adults mostly use wheelchairs because, in this way, they try to live independently. This enables them to move anywhere without the necessity of a caretaker.

The wheelchair gives them the freedom to go to places they like quickly.

That can be their home, workplace, a park, a shopping mall, or any other place where they want to sit and meet with their friends.

Wheelchair Ramps for the Disabled and the Elderly helps the movement of a wheelchair quickly to go through any staircase easily. Wheelchair ramps come in various designs and styles that make them more beneficial for the curbs and the steps.

Wheelchair ramps are of different types, and each one has its unique look and function. These types are based on their structure, material, and how we use them. Some are portable, and some are not, so let’s discuss them one by one.

Concrete Wheelchair Ramps

We design the wheelchair ramps to provide ease in the movement of a wheelchair and in transporting equipment to a house. Apart from the house, you can use them in the hospital to shift a patient who cannot walk.

The primary purpose of a wheelchair ramp is to enable the people who use wheelchairs to enter any building with any difficulty. These ramps are an excellent replacement for the lifts, and now people mostly prefer this.

So, Concrete Wheelchair Ramps are durable as they can withstand all weather conditions. This feature means installing them as an outside ramp that you can use for the entrance and exit.

They can bear a heavyweight, which means the weight of the wheelchair while a person is sitting on it. Apart from this, anyone who finds it difficult to climb the stairs can use them, as they are convenient for everyone.

But, one thing to keep in mind is that these ramps are permanent. Once you have installed them, you cannot remove or replace them. But, they can easily blend with the existing and the surrounding areas.

Aluminium Modular Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps provide a safe and secure way for the disabled to travel from one place to another. It eliminates the risk of an accident and fall and removes all the hurdles from their path.

Aluminium Modular Wheelchair Ramps for the disabled are a variant of wheelchair ramps and are widely used because of their best mobility features. These ramps support older adults by creating a stable platform for wheelchair users.

One of the best features of these ramps is that they are not permanent. You can remove them whenever you want and even fold them when no longer in use. In addition to this, when you are not using them, you can fold them so that they don’t become a hurdle in the way of others.

The surface of these ramps is waterproof, which means that if it rains, it will instantly absorb all the water and make the way clear for the user. The same case goes with the snow so that you can install these ramps outside your home.

Aluminum ramps can also bear heavyweight because they have an excellent weight capacity.

Now, let’s look at the benefits that these ramps offer to older adults.

Enhance Mobility

Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs help the Disabled, and the Elderly leave and enter the home comfortably. These ramps minimize the risk of any injury while going from one point to another.

Older adults living alone or aging in place can install these ramps and make their lives easy.

Easy and Quick Installation

The installation process of these ramps is easy, and it takes only a few hours to install them. But, you should remember one thing: you should contact experts for this procedure. SPN Construction Mobility has professionals who give extra attention while installing these ramps.

Convenient for Everyone

The ramps are not only limited to the disabled and the elderly. Anyone in the home can take advantage of these ramps. For instance, if you don’t want to climb the stairs while carrying grocery items, you can walk through a plain surface of the ramp and reach your destination.

Increase the Resale Value of your Home

Nowadays, people who are renovating their homes are installing ramps to increase the accessibility of disabled people. Similarly, if someone is buying a home, they will prefer a more accessible home instead of any other home.

Thus, if you already have Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs, then here is a piece of good news. It will increase the value of your home, and whenever you sell your home, you will get a handsome amount of money.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To sum up all the discussion, we can say that these ramps are an ideal solution to install in your residence or commercial buildings. So, if you are looking for a company that offers affordable and attractive ramps for your home, then nothing can beat SPN Construction Mobility.

We have a wide range of wheelchair ramps in different designs and styles. Our design experts make sure to install the ramps that match the type of your home. We install them with proper measurement so that they don’t become an obstacle in the way of others.

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