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A Journey From Limited To Accessible Kitchen Modifications

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

People with a particular illness need to create a more functional and modified kitchen. They need a kitchen that they can easily access while sitting in a wheelchair. SPN Construction Mobility helps you to build everything to fit your needs.

We work according to complete planning, cabinet organization, storage accessibility and implement our creative ideas in a way that makes your kitchen more accessible.

Why Are Kitchen Modifications Important?

A person dealing with some disability issue or an older adult who lives alone needs these kitchen modifications. Because they cannot manage their work, pick things and prepare meals for themselves.

When you have an accessible kitchen, you can prepare your food quickly without the assistance of any other person. With our practical Kitchen Cabinet Modifications, we will remove all the hazards from the kitchen and thus, make it more attainable and affordable.

So, let’s discuss a few more reasons to have these changes, and these will give your kitchen a new and modern look and solve your mobility issues.


The primary purpose of Handicapped Kitchen Modifications is to make everything accessible for disabled people. Every person dealing with any issue can take advantage of these modifications.

Now, you will be thinking about the other family members and how can they use the kitchen with all of these modifications? Right? The answer is simple.

SPN Construction Mobility makes these modifications so that every person with and without a disability can use the kitchen quickly.

Make Storage Areas More Convenient

To make a kitchen accessible, we construct cabinets and other storage areas at low heights. This will prevent any accident; for instance, they can slip from their hand if they pick a heavy item of the size. So, placing those items at a lower height is more suitable.

Place Electric Appliances At The Counter Height

Whether your electric appliances are built-in or freestanding, it is best to have them at counter height. This is because it minimizes bending, and you don’t have to lower your back. So, you can easily pick things from them.

Anyone in a wheelchair or dealing with back issues can easily use the kitchen and all the appliances in them with these most delicate kitchen modifications.

In addition to this, appliances are used more often in the kitchen; therefore, placing them on average height will make it easy for everyone to use them.

Make Kitchen Faucet More Accessible

While working in the kitchen, people have to use the sink and faucets to wash the vegetables, fruits, or dishes. Therefore, make sure you place them on a height from which a person sitting on a wheelchair can use them.

With the advent of technology, everything is changing. You will see technological innovation in your surroundings. Similarly, there are automatic faucets that the disabled person doesn’t have to open.

If I put it in simple words, it means that when a person places his hand below the faucets, water will run out automatically. They don’t have to put their force to open that.

So, it increases their accessibility in the kitchen.

Use Roll Under Sinks

Making everything convenient for the disabled person, it is also essential to look at the sinks. A person with mobility issues may use the sinks, but what about the wheelchair users?

For this purpose, you should use roll-under sinks, which means to place the sinks at an average height and in a way that wheelchair users can place their legs beneath the sink.

This will ease the process of washing the dishes, and they can safely do their kitchen routine tasks.

Install Safe Flooring

The floor is the most important thing to consider while making Disabled Kitchen Modifications, and most people ignore this. Therefore, it is essential to install safe flooring to prevent any falls.

You should install flooring that is less likely to cause slips, and in case you fall, it has less impact on your body. Moreover, you can also use waterproof and those floor surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain.

Make Wide Entrances

While making kitchen modifications, make sure that you widen the entrances for people who use wheelchairs, and this will make it convenient for them to enter while sitting in a wheelchair.

Also, try to remove any sharp corners in the entrance because that can harm the disabled person. You can add some decorative accessories if you have such corners to event any injury.

You can widen the entrance horizontally and vertically as much as you can because a modern home design includes an open sentence and thus gives you a relaxed feeling.

Furthermore, place the switchboards on the entrance wall. Because the disabled person can quickly turn on and off the lighting while entering or leaving the kitchen.

Place a Work Table

Placing a work table serves many purposes, and you can use it for cutting vegetables or placing extra accessories. Most importantly, family members can gather around the table, have a conversation, and make their kitchen activities more enjoyable.

Safety Concerns

One of the most important things that people have in their mind is that there is no doubt that these modifications will make their life easy, but are they safe to use?

SPN Construction Mobility works closely with its experts to ensure that everything is in the right place. The services and mobility equipment we install in the kitchen come with excellent security features. Whether accessible storage or widening the floor, we take proper measures to ensure that everything is in the right place.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude all the discussion, we can say that before you think of making your kitchen accessible, a Disabled Kitchen Design is the first step you should take. Therefore, you need the help and suggestions of professionals. SPN Construction Mobility has experts with decade-long experience that not only make your kitchen accessible but add those designs to your kitchen that smoothly blend with the structure of your kitchen and make it look nice.

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