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Best Home Modifications For Seniors Aging in Place

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Most people think of changing their house to make lifetime memories just because they are ageing in place. This is difficult because everyone has an emotional attachment to their home.

But, when they cannot see a solution, the last option they think of is to shift from one place to another because they believe moving to a modified home with mobility equipment is ideal.

SPN Construction Mobility priorities its customers and understands the need for a modified home. Therefore, they offer Home Modifications for Elders to stay in their homes for as long as they want.

Home Modifications For The Disabled

Investing in technological innovation that can make your life easy is a wise decision. Therefore, take a step towards the latest technology and take advantage of these modifications and the mobility equipment this offers.

Now, you will be wondering which places of your house need modifications and the critical location for these changes? So, let's explore all the details so that you can make your home accessible for the disabled and older adults.

Bathroom Modifications

The bathroom is the most dangerous area because of its wet floor. Older adults cannot balance themselves, which can lead them to severe injury. Therefore, they always need someone to shower, and in this way, they don't have privacy.

Bathroom Modifications for the Elderly make it super easy for the disabled to take a shower without any other person's assistance. SPN Construction Mobility offers a wide range of mobility equipment and services that make your bathroom accessible.

We provide disabled grab bars, walk-in showers, walk-in tubs, and roll-in showers. We make sure to properly install them in your bathroom and make the bathing experience of the disabled person the best one.

Shower Glide Bars

As I have mentioned above, that bathroom becomes the most dangerous area when water runs out. Therefore, we have unique shower glide bars that you can install in your bathroom and that gives a solid grip to the disabled.

You can install them in the entrances, showers, tubs, and near the toilet seat. The older adults can hold them while sitting and standing from the chair.

Our experts make sure that installing these bars is proper because, when the people put their weight on them, it can break. And thus, they can fall on the ground and face back issues.

Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen is that area where all the family members together cook or enjoy their meal. But, if you have a wheelchair user in the home, it can be challenging for them to come, sit, and have a conversation with you.

But, we can make it easy for anyone because we will turn your kitchen into a stylish one that will accommodate all the family members. You don't have to make or spend extra money making some modifications.

We offer cabinet modifications, storage access, roll under sinks, and accessible faucets that make your kitchen user-friendly. So, enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner together without any hazards in your kitchen.

Stair Lifts

If you live in a double or triple-level building and are dealing with low mobility, then you cannot move upstairs and downstairs. For this, you need the help of others who can take you upstairs.

But, this is risky because if the person holding the disabled loses his balance, they both can fall. Therefore, it is good to install Stair Lifts for the Elderly and make their movement around the home easy.

The best thing about these lifts is the person sitting on the lift can easily control the lift. This lift comes with excellent security features, so travel up and down the staircase without tension and risk.

Moreover, you can use these lifts for the inside and outside, as SPN Construction Mobility offers inclined and vertical platform lifts. So, if you have a staircase in your frontage, you can install these lifts and make an easy and safe entrance for the disabled.


If you are in a wheelchair or a family member is confined to a wheelchair, it would be difficult for them to enter the home, and it is also impossible to hold the wheelchair person and make them enter the building.

Therefore, we offer concrete, and modular wheelchair ramps, that make the entrance of the elderly smooth and safe. These ramps are low maintenance, but they increase the accessibility of wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs are durable, and we make them with premium quality material. Because if people install them outside of their home, they should be strong enough to bear the harsh weather climate.

Therefore, they don't rust and are water floors. The floor we use in these ramps is anti-slippery, and it instantly absorbs the water. Thus, it clears the way after the rain so that anyone can use them.

In addition to this, if a person is pushing a wheelchair, then it is effortless to push the wheelchair. The person in the wheelchair can himself run the chair.

Most of the time, people think that installing ramps destroys their home's front look. But they are wrong. We have expert designers that keep your home's overall appearance and then install these lifts.

The best thing is that these ramps are portable, which means you can fold them when you are using them. You can also remove them and take them with you anywhere you want. So, it will increase accessibility, and you can move freely anywhere you want.

We also make sure that these lifts don't become obstacles in the way of others. So, we make proper measurements of the space where you want to install these ramps.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude all the discussion above, we can say that making necessary home modifications make your home accessible. Moreover, the disabled can regain their independence and move freely anywhere they want, without the help of any other person.

But, make sure you install these services from professionals. SPN Construction Mobility is a Home Modification Company that provides you with the services and installs them. Our team comes to your place, has a friendly tour of your home, and looks for the space where you need changes. So, we install them and offer mobility equipment to make the life of the elderly easy and better.

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