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Easy Kitchen Modifications For The Elderly & Those with Disabilities

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Many small homes are designed with small kitchens that include all the necessary cooking equipment and are perfect for small spaces.

Older homeowners who live in smaller houses should definitely consider a home modification

Here are the descriptions of houses where the owners have grown old and their homes need to be adapted for seniors and those with disabilities.

The blog is for those that are considering a kitchen modification renovation for themselves, a child or for an elderly family member that needs more accessible cabinets and appliances. Small renovations at reasonable prices, utilization of small spaces, small appliances for the use of elders and small homes renovations tips.

But the story does not end here, and we also provide services like bathroom design and home and living room decorations, etc.

What Do Small Kitchen Modifications for Older Homes Look Like?

Aging in place kitchens can be found in many different styles and sizes. One thing they all have in common is that they are small. But small doesn't mean less functional or beautiful!

Rather, it often means a more efficient layout and design when you have a kitchen for older people and those with disabilities, which makes the most of every square inch of space.

If you're looking for some inspiration on making your kitchen work well when space is limited, we've compiled examples of small kitchens.

Budget Kitchen Ideas – Easy & Practical Ways To Update Your Kitchen:

Just because you live in a small, older home doesn't mean that you have to give up on your dream of having a lovely and practical aging-in-place kitchen design.

With some clever thinking about how you use the space available and considering what appliances will fit into it, small kitchens can be transformed into something that looks good and is very functional.

Kitchen Ideas To Update Your Small, Less Functional Kitchen:

Kitchen Lighting: Focus on natural light sources rather than artificial ones; this will give the impression of a larger room and make it easier to see what you're doing when cooking. And install dimmer switches so you can adjust the lights depending upon how bright or dark you want them during different times of day.

Countertops: Invest in granite surfaces if possible; they are extremely hard-wearing (and they look great too). But anything like laminates or tiles will work just fine if that's what you can afford. Avoid marble and glass as these tend to be more difficult to clean.

Appliances: Small kitchen designs for older house Kitchen appliances need not be large; smaller microwaves, fridges, and ovens. Even though kitchen cabinet modification might seem like a bad idea at the time, it actually gives your small space -an air of spaciousness by allowing you to open up cupboards. It lets you open the doors more easily rather than having their doors blocked by bulky machines.

Cabinet Handles: Adding cabinet handles will make it easier to access and reach those higher cabinets and lower drawers.

Faucets: Swap your older faucet to a faucet that has a “Pull out Sprayer”. Pull out Sprayer can extend up 2’ and enable to easily use all its functions.

Having Said All This:

If it's possible, try and avoid fitting in too many different gadgets into your small spaces. Life is much easier when there aren't cords blocking everything or drawers that won't open because they are filled with small appliances.

Think about how you use your small space and make sure everything has a place where it can be stored without being choked. If there's no space to have to store them, then invest in small storage options. You will have the option of letting them go rather than pulling up the things.

Decorate The Basic Things Besides The Constructive Work:

The overall look should be clean lines with as much open shelf space as possible – this will give an appearance of more spaciousness even though things are tucked away neatly inside cupboards.

Don't forget those lovely accessories:

  • Dried flowers

  • Pretty jars filled with spices and condiments

  • Baskets containing fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Small vases of flowers

These can all be used to add a splash of color as well as practicality.

When you're choosing aging in place kitchen design with appliances or planning how to use your small space, just think about what will work with the size and design of your home.

You don't puzzle your mind trying to force everything into this small area, which could look cluttered and unappealing.

Smaller kitchens don't have to mean that they are without charm. If anything needs to make clever choices regarding the layout and decoration, then get some fun accessories such as colorful decorations pieces. They can feel more like an extension of the household rather than something which is stuck on at the last minute just to make it habitable.

Everything on A Reasonable Budget:

With the cost of real estate shooting up and the average age continuing to rise, more families are opting for smaller properties. In fact, research shows that in 2017 just under half of all new-build sales were four bedrooms or less – compared with only 29% five years ago.

However, you can also take inspiration from these homeowners who have opted not to move out but instead reinvent their existing homes. From extending your kitchen into small kitchen designs for an older house, you can change the total outlook of kitchens for everyone.

Rather than blending rooms to expand the kitchen. You can take the help of kitchen modification services providers like SPN Construction that assist with the planning, budgeting and finishes you need to make your home more accessible for everyone.

Here changes can make a big difference. The small kitchen ideas above are perfect for older houses that might not be suitable for significant renovation.

Small modifications can provide big results! Call us to help!

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