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Grab Bars Can Help You To Move Around Your House Safely

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We can’t even imagine the pain the disabled people feel until we go through the same situation. It is very tough for them to manage their tasks independently and always have to call others for help.

It is not that they need help in getting up from the bed or going out; they even need help in going to the kitchen, bathroom, going in the shower, tub, and moving upward. Then how can we overcome this situation?

There are a lot of services available that make the life of the disabled access. But there is one tool necessary for all the disabled and the older adults, and it helps them move around their home quickly and safely. And these are the Grab Bars for seniors.

The best thing is installing these bars anywhere in the home. The location, which you think needs grab bars you can install, provides accessibility to the older adults to move freely.

But, there are significant locations that need these grab bars for sure, and let’s discuss them individually.

Grab Bars

Bathrooms There is no doubt that the bathroom is the most dangerous area. Because when the floor gets wet, the chances of falling and accidents increase. Therefore, you have to install these bars in your bathroom.

Now, there are certain places where you should have these bars in the bathroom area. First of all, you should install them near the toilet because it would help people with low mobility get up and sit down quickly.

They can hold that, and it would be safe and easy for them to sit and stand with the help of this bar.

Secondly, you should install them near the tub and shower. Because if they are taking a shower, they can hold them and have a firm grip, and this world prevents them from falling, and they can take showers easily.

So, if you want to avoid any accident you can install Grab Bars for the Disabled and the Elderly in the bathroom.


The second most important area is the kitchen. You can install the bars in the kitchen, so that old age person can cook quickly. They can hold them in one hand and cook as it will divide their balance.

Moreover, if you have a sitting arrangement in the kitchen, you can also install these bars. Because, while they sit, they can grab these bars and easily sit or stand from a chair.


It would be best and helpful to install these bars on the entrances. For instance, if you have a staircase in front of your home, and the older adults climb that, then having a grab bar helps them hold and breathe well.

So, not only the home entrance, but you can also install them in the entrance of your lounge or living room area. The benefit of this would be that the disabled and the elderly will move quickly around the home without the assistance of any other person.

So, the above-mentioned locations are the major areas that need grab bars to make the life of a handicapped person easy. Moreover,r if they want to go outside, or to any other room, they can go there with the help of these bars,

Grab Bars

Why Should You Install These Grab Bars?

Now, you will be wondering why you should install these bars. There are several reasons, and a few of them are as follows;

Grab bars for the disabled to help them to maintain their balance. For instance, if older adults cannot maintain their balance, these bars are the best. These prevent them from falling and getting injured.

Moreover, it eliminates the needs of any caretaker, as disabled people can move on their own anywhere around the home. So, you don’t have to spend the extra money that you give them, just install these once and they will last long years.

A Quick Round Off!

To conclude all the discussion, we can say that adding grab bars in your home will make the life of the disabled more accessible. There are a lot of companies that offer these services and tools, but if you want durable and functional grab bars, you should contact SPN Construction Mobility. We have design experts who install these bars in a way that won’t destroy the look of your home, as we offer stylish and modern bars. Moreover, we install them with great care to last longer and won’t break when you hold them. Because if you install them by yourself, you may install them temporarily, and when anyone has them, it comes out, and the person can fall. So, if you have wanted them for years, you can buy them with us. So, regain your independence with the help of grab bars.

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