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How To Choose The Right Stair Lifts For Seniors

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Elderly and disabled peoples are not compatible to move up & down from one floor to another due to many reasons like limited mobility, weak muscles, and low stability.

For such persons, you need to equip your home with stair lifts that become beneficial for people who have low mobility.

However, this blog will benefit you as stair lifts for elderly and disabled persons.

What is stair lift?

Are you still thinking about the stair lifts or listening to their name for the first time? Don’t worry, here you will find all the information about great stairlifts and how they work perfectly according to the need of the disabled at your home.

Stair lifts involve a modified chair featured with a button which works in ways like, it holds and up the disabled person to sit on the chair then move towards up with the help of side railings.

Mostly, stair lifts come in different sizes and styles, and we will assist you in this blog that is the best for you that suits your budget and give you ease in accessing it.

Various types of stair lifts

Generally, there are two types of stair lifts, straight and curved. Both work in the same way that a rider can lift up and down himself on stairs safely and quickly.

These stair lifts are motorized to work perfectly. Stair lifts in homes use for various purposes like safely riding up and down to any house floor, easy usage, and time-saving. Other names for stair lifts are stairway lift, stair lift chair, and stair glide.

Straight stair lifts for disabled & elderly People

Straight stair lifts for seniors in homes where stairs have no curve like the rider will go up and down straightly. Such stair lifts are best for tiny houses with only one or two floors.

Curved stair lifts for elderly & disabled people

Big houses contain more than two floors and have curves in their stairs, they install these stair lifts. These stair lifts have a modern look and feature a superb quality control system that allows riders to see and control every activity during the riding.

Indoor stair lifts

You can install these stair lifts in the indoor for seniors to climb up/down the stairs. This mechanical device has several features like a rocker switch, seat, belt, etc.

Outdoor stair lifts

These stair lifts have similar nature as you have read above. you can install them outside the home for elderly and disabled people to enter the house with utmost safety and ease of mind.

Benefits of Installing stair lifts in the home

Safety purposes

The primary need for stair lifts is to provide safe riding to the elderly & disabled people at home.

Having a motorized stair lift help seniors to move from one floor to another with utmost safety.

Stairs are the riskiest place in the house where the risk of injury increases. So, before facing any damage, you have to install the most helpful stair lifts in your home that help your seniors move safely and securely.

Easy usage

There is no comparison for stair lifts to provide ease to seniors in moving from one floor to another.

Are you looking to accomplish the need of seniors in your home by providing them ease in moving up/downstairs?

Then, don’t waste your time exploring different ways because stair lifts are here to give your elders ease in every aspect.

Stair lifts are easy to operate. Stair lift chairs feature a rocker switch on their armrest that allows elders to click and quickly move up/down whether the stairs are straight or curved.

Comfortable ride

Many stair lift providers in Pennsylvania offer different types and styles of stair lifts for seniors.

But choosing the right one is a hectic task. The same is when you go up/down the stairs; you want extra comfort during the ride.

So, stair lifts with a comfortable seat, foam on the armrests, and the facility of extra cushioning are a perfect choice.

Stair lifts with such paddings provide a comfortable and relaxed ride when you move from one floor to other.


Besides the benefits of stair lifts, they also provide an independent ride to seniors without any worry.

No matter how many times you want to go up/down on the floors, stair lifts will ensure you feel more safe and secure every time.

Flexibility in installing

Whether it’s a curved, straight staircase, moreover, you can install them on any side of stairs that result become more valuable and helpful for both left-handed and right-handed seniors.

Factors that Influence choosing the suitable stair lifts for seniors


Before installing stair lifts in your home, you need to think twice about the cost that suits your budget. Companies around you in Pennsylvania offering home modifications for seniors are charging both high & low rates. Still, it depends on which you choose for the proper staircase modulation.


No matter which company you choose for installing stair lifts in your new or old home. Consider which will cater to your needs on time.

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