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Increase the Value of your Home with Accessible Bathroom Modifications

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

You might think that there are no aesthetic considerations when remodeling your bathroom for a person aging in place. But what if I tell you that you can get an accessible bathroom while keeping its aesthetic value?

Yes, you heard that right: here at SPN Construction, we can make your bathroom safe and stylish with our highly reputed bathroom modifications. Let's dive into the deeper details to find out more about these modifications.

Prioritize Safety and Convenience

Safety and convenience are of paramount importance in the bathroom. You deserve to have a risk-free and comfortable bathroom experience. If you have difficulty with tasks such as showering or using the toilet, take time and think about the modifications that can make your experience better.

If you live alone, the risks increase when using the bathroom. Falling in the bathroom can be physically devastating and can be a frightening experience for anyone. So to prevent such issues, it is a good idea to install bathroom modifications such as walk-in showers, adjustable shower heads, and grab bars.

A Walk-in Shower

Stepping in and out of the shower is an issue for many disabled individuals and older adults. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for this problem in the form of our walk-in showers and bathtubs.

The walk-in shower allows you to easily transfer a walker or wheelchair into the shower or bathtub. Walk-in showers facilitate the task of getting in and out of the shower and reduce the risk of falling for disabled individuals and older adults.

Removable and Adjustable Shower Heads

While making your bathroom accessible, you should consider using adjustable shower heads.

These shower heads have a hose that hooks into where the shower head is located. You can remove the shower head and use it manually. The shower heads also have multiple options for different types of sprays.

All these features make adjustable shower heads an excellent modification for a safe and comfortable shower experience. These shower heads aren't expensive and can be done on a reasonable budget.

Grab Bar Installation

One of the most important modifications you can add in a bathroom remodeling project to accommodate disabled individuals is grab bars. These bars will provide disabled individuals with the additional support they need in the bathroom. They are mounted into studs that ensure they are as secure as possible. You can install grab bars anywhere in the bathroom, such as next to the toilet, in the tub, or in the shower.

A Quick Wrap Up!

SPN Construction Mobility provides you with a comprehensive range of home modification equipment. In addition to this, our design experts will take great care of the design and style of the bathroom so that these modifications will complement the bathroom’s overall look. We’ll ensure that your bathroom is comfortable, safe, and looks amazing!

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