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Stair Lifts For Those with Disabilities Are A Perfect Solution That Suits Your Home

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Life is so unpredictable, and no one knows what will happen in the next minute. Sometimes, we come across bad accidents that change our lives forever, and we might lose our ability to move or walk around the home.

Is there not a single solution for this? Will those people be bound and spend their lives in their homes? This will lead to severe depression, and the person can lose his faith in living a happy life.

But, why worry when you have access to SPN Construction Mobility. Don’t know how? Let’s explore together and find out the answer.

People have a staircase in the frontage of their home or live in a multiple-level building. Thus, it is complex yet impossible for a wheelchair user to climb the stairs. Still, we have perfect mobility equipment for this name as; Stair Lifts for Disabled and the Elderly.

So how does it work and make a double or triple-level story home accessible? Let’s have a look at this.

Stair Lifts

The Working of Stair Lifts

A Stair Lift is a motorized mobility device that takes the person up and down the stairs while seated in a chair. We attach the chair lift with the rail attached to the staircase, and the rail is secured to the treads of the stairs.

The best thing is that the person sitting on the lift can easily control the lift. There is a button on it, and you have to press and hold the button and start moving. When you reach your desired portion, release the button, and it will stop.

Simple, quick, and easy, so that you can move anywhere in the house without the assistance of any other person. Hence, it is also the ideal solution for people who can walk but have safety issues while going up and down the stairs.

Why Stair Lifts For Disabled is A Great Solution?

Many people have a question about why they should consider installing a disabled stairlift in their home.

One of the main reasons is that its installation is super quick and easy. You don’t have to redesign the whole structure of your staircase, and you can simply install them with the existing staircase.

It just takes one day in its installation, and you are done. In addition to this, they don’t take much space, so you can install them in any area.

Thus, it is an effortless process to install, and if you have professional constructors like SPN Construction Mobility, just decide on the lift and leave the rest on us.

Outstanding Features of Stair Lifts

Some excellent features make the Disabled Stair Lift popular among people. Let’s discuss those features;

Enhance Safety

A disabled person loses his balance anytime, and when it comes to climbing the stairs, it becomes even more difficult. So, a Stair Lift ensures your safety by picking you from the ground floor and dropping you safely on the upper level.

We make these stairlifts with premium quality materials to bear the weight of the person. Because if they break then, it can lead to severe injury. A disabled person can fall from the stairs, so our disabled Stair Lift prevents accidents.

In addition to this, if your staircase has turns, then we manufacture them with even more care. This is because they can smoothly turn around without disturbing the person sitting on it.

Increase Mobility

When you install stairlifts for the disabled in your home, then you can move anywhere without the assistance of any other person. This will boost your self-esteem and increase your mobility.

For instance, if you have a staircase at the entrance of your home, then how can a wheelchair user enter? Therefore, we use a stairlift that quickly makes its entrance inside and exits outside the home.

Stair Lifts

Save Money

When you have a senior or a disabled person in your home, you have to take extra care of yourself. But, this can be not easy if you have to manage your job with this. Therefore, people hire caretakers for their senior family members and pay them.

Although, when you install these stair lifts, then it might eliminate the need to hire a caretaker because the disabled person can himself move upstairs and downstairs with this stair assistance.

In addition to this, there is a risk that the person cannot carry the disabled person, and they both can fall from the stairs. So, instead of hiring and paying high wages, install a stair lift because it is a lifetime investment.


If a person cannot move or walk slowly, it will take a lot of time to climb the stairs. Therefore, stairlifts for the disabled and the elderly will pick and drop the person from one point and drop them to another in no time.

It makes the transition between the floors a lot easier and quicker. Thus, you get the freedom of moving inside of your home.


There is no doubt that these stairlifts are efficient because they can also carry heavy weights. If you have to transfer heavy items from one floor, you can sit and move all the items on the lift, and it will safely drop you.

So, it will cover all of your requirements and give you the freedom you deserve.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To sum up all the discussion, we can say that a Stair Lift is a perfect yet ideal solution for all the people dealing with some particular illness. There are a lot of companies that offer these lifts, but if you want them as a permanent solution, you should buy these from SPN Construction Mobility.

We have design experts and professionals who visit to see the space you want to install these lifts. So, they can fit into the space and don’t become an obstacle in the way of others. Take advantage of these stair lifts and enjoy the freedom they offer.

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