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Take Advantage of the Excellent Features of Wheelchair Ramps

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Not every building is wheelchair accessible, but you can make your home wheelchair accessible with some new renovations. A wheelchair ramp is essential for disabled individuals who have difficulty entering the house with a wheelchair.

It can be challenging to choose and install the correct type of ramp in your home. If you want to select the best ramps for yourself, you should choose one that is durable, reliable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Here at SPN construction, we offer a wide range of ramps for wheelchair users. Our portable aluminum wheelchair ramps are ideal for safely accessing any building.

Let’s find out what makes these ramps the best solution for your transportation needs.

Wheelchair Ramp Features

Our lightweight and durable wheelchair ramps are portable, so you can store them inside when you no longer need them. As such, they’re very convenient and versatile.

The ramps are designed to allow wheelchair users, scooters, and walkers to access various situations. The ramps come in multiple sizes and designs, so you can use them for your residential, commercial, and construction sites.

Handrails are an additional feature which can be added to ramps to make them safer for people with low mobility. So if you have installed wheelchair ramps outside of your home, we can also install handrails for extra security.

The Versatility of Wheelchair Ramps

You can get aluminum wheelchair ramps customized in a way that will fit the various entrances of your house. Let’s dive into the versatility of these ramps and explore more of their excellent features.

Maintenance Factor

When a wood ramp is exposed to harsh weather, it can lose its original color. Due to this, you must paint them once or sometimes twice a year. In addition, harsh weather conditions, mold, and bugs can also affect the functionality of these ramps.

On the other hand, aluminum wheelchair ramps need little maintenance. These ramps have a powder-coated surface that makes them able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Easy and Simple to Set Up

The installation of our aluminum ramps is quite simple, and we can easily have them constructed at your home in less than a day. We prioritize your time and convenience.

High-Quality Wheelchair Ramps

Durability is a necessary attribute of an effective wheelchair ramp. If a ramp is durable and can resist wear and tear, you do not need to maintain ramps regularly in order to sustain their functionality. For this reason, SPN Construction designs wheelchair ramps to be durable and long lasting.

Final Thoughts!

Our wheelchair ramps are an effective, affordable and long term solution to your transportation needs.

If you want to install them, you should contact SPN Construction. Our team is experienced, efficient, and dedicated. It is our mission to provide you with the best services at the greatest convenience to you.


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