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Vertical Platform Lifts For Disabilities

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Platform lifts are designed to improve the mobility of disabled people who cannot move from one place to another. It eliminates the risk of climbing the stairs, removing any obstacle, and raising the stairs, so that they can reach any area.

The best thing is installing Vertical Platform Lifts for the Disabled in any space, such as balconies and a basement. Moreover, these lifts are suitable for the public, commercial buildings, and homes.

Vertical Platform Lifts For Disabilities

SPN Construction Mobility is a well-known company that offers the highest quality of platform lifts and makes the life of the elderly easy. We have a team of excerpts who manufacture these lifts by keeping in mind the space of your house or building.

Vertical Platform Lift As A Safety Device

Many people think that using a lift is not safe for older adults, who can get injured. But they are wrong. The following points will prove that anyone can use these lifts and regain their independence.

  • Emergency Stop

    • If you release the button, the lift will stop moving upward or downward. It means that the person sitting on the ride can easily make the chair stop or move.

  • Overload Protection

    • You can carry weight with yourself while riding the lift, but it can be to a limit. So, it will not run if you overload the lift.

  • Smooth on Turns

    • When you are on a lift, you might be frightened on the turns. We manufacture the loft in a way that safely and smoothly takes turns to avoid any accident.

  • Safety Ramp

    • The safety ramp of the lift shall up-warp during the lifting process.

Customized Platform Lifts For The Elderly

If you think that installing a platform lift will destroy the look of your home, then think about it again. Because SPN Construction Mobility has creative design experts who make these lifts look perfect on your home.

Whether you install them inside or outside your home, they won’t look bad. Therefore, our designers ask about your taste and then manufacture these lifts for your home, and we make them look excellent on your frontage.

For this purpose, we measure the space on which you want to install these ramps so that they won’t look bad on the building. This is a necessary step because otherwise, it will become an obstacle in the way of others.

Why Should You Choose Vertical Platform Lifts?

If you are dealing with some disability or have senior persons in your home, you must have platform lifts for them. This will help them do their work themselves and eliminate the need for any other.

When you have a disabled person at home, you have to hire a caretaker for them. There is no doubt that you have to pay them a large amount of money. So, why not go for a permanent solution?

If I put it simply means then it means that Vertical platform lifts for the Disabled and the Elderly are an essential and permanent solution. Once you install them, you don’t have to replace or change them for years.

So, let’s discuss a few of the advantages of these lifts;

Vertical Platform Lifts For Disabilities

Advantages of Installing Platform Lifts


Platform lifts come with great features and frequency, making it easy to start and stop the lift in any place.

Easy To Install

It is pretty easy to install these lifts on the ground, and it only takes a few hours in its installation process.

Easy To Maintain

It is very easy to maintain these lifts, as we manufacture them with high-quality material.


You can install Stair Lifts for the Elderly outdoor and indoor. It can bear extreme weather conditions; thus, it won’t rust and expand in any situation.

Functional & Stylish

The features and qualities of these lifts make them more stylish and unique. Moreover, our designers keep in mind the overall appearance of your home before installing these lifts.

Different Shapes & Sizes

Disabled platform lifts come in different shapes and sizes so that it perfectly watches with the design of your home. You can choose the one which suits your building the best.

So, don’t worry about the space and the design of these platform lifts, as they would look perfect on your home.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude the discussion, we can say that vertical platform lift is the best solution to provide accessibility and independence to the disabled. If you are looking for the best company to provide you with the lifts, you should contact SPN Construction Mobility. We will visit your home to see the space in which you want to install these lifts to make them look great. We not only offer these lifts but we also offer excellent installation. In addition to this, we make them with premium quality material so that they last long for decades.

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