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Ways To Make Your Kitchen Wheelchair Accessible

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

As we are becoming more aware of the access issue in our homes and commercial buildings, it is vital to consider every little detail of accessibility. So, in this piece of writing, we will discuss how we can make our kitchen accessible for disabled people.

SPN Construction Mobility is a Kitchen Modification Provider in New Jersey, making your kitchen disabled accessible. While making your kitchen accessible, our focus is on the sinks and cabinets area.

Because these are the most usable spaces in the kitchen, let's explore more about them and see what other areas of your kitchen need changes.

Roll Under Sinks

Many disabled and older adults need to have an accessible home and install mobility equipment. They want to fulfill this need either for themselves or for other family members.

Millions of people in the world use wheelchairs to move around the house, and they believe that it is a good way for them to continue living freely and enjoy their independence. When we talk about the kitchen, then it also needs modifications.

So, roll under sinks are those sinks that we design to accommodate people with reduced mobility. They, in their most basic form, meet the criteria of the Americans with Disabilities act.

If I put it in simple words, it means it has standard height, depth, and clearance, making them more accessible for the people who use wheelchairs. Thus, these sinks make kitchen sinks safer and more comfortable to use.

Roll Under Sinks will make sure that the wheelchair users can easily use the sink, as their legs go beneath the sink and they wash dishes easily.

The best thing is that we will customize your roll-under sink to fit your requirements of depth and height. At the same time, it will ensure it is stylish enough to match your kitchen’s interior.

Apart from this, while installing the accessible sink, we also make sure to make the faucets accessible to wheelchair users. Therefore, we suggest the homeowners go for modern and stylish faucets.

As disabled people cannot hold or move the tap, we always advise them to go for the motion detector faucets. The disabled and the older adults place their hands under the water faucet, and the water will run itself.

Lower Mounted Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The second most important area that needs changes is storage. SPN Construction Mobility offers Kitchen Cabinet Modification Services to make your kitchen handicapped accessible.

If you or any of your family members are dealing with low mobility or back issues, it would be difficult for them to bend and pick something up while preparing meals.

Here is the point where cabinet modifications come into the ground. We make all the storage areas in the access of the disabled and the elderly by building them on average height.

Because of its average height, anyone in the home can easily access these cabinets. Thus, now you can cook quickly and of course without the assistance of any other person.

If you have a reasonable budget and can easily afford it, go for the electric power cabinets, lower to a more accessible position. When you need something, it will come to your position, and when you are done, it will return to its original position.

It is simple, easy, and quick. No doubt, this setup is ideal, but it is also expensive. While installing these cabinets, make sure to leave enough space between the countertops and the base of the cabinets.

You can place items in these cabinets so that you can easily pick them while cooking because these cabinets are easy to open and use.

Lower Mounted Appliances

Nowadays, people place electric appliances in the kitchen, so that they don’t have to go out every time they need something while cooking. Therefore, it is essential to place them on average height to accommodate everyone.

Significantly, the oven, make sure that it can be easily accessible to wheelchair users and palace them on low height. Because if they cannot see that and pick the hot thing inside it, they can burn themselves.

Always look for a refrigerator with long handles, a large display, and a lot of side storage. And try to palace the freezer next to the main compartment, instead of placing them above the case.

Kitchen Cabinets

And, here is a piece of advice. Frequently cleaning and organizing your fridge items can help you make extra storage in the fridge. Moreover, it will also help you to dispose of the waste items.


Sometimes, people forget about the floors and leave them as they are, which can ruin the fundamental changes they have made. Therefore, for an accessible kitchen, it is essential to pay attention to the floor.

Choose those floors that are non-slippery so that if they get wet for any reason, then wheelchair people don’t slip. This way, you can prevent many injuries and accidents and save yourself.

Moreover, if some rough mats are on the ground, then remove them because they can become an obstacle. Also, wheelchair people may find it difficult to move the chair on that.

So, by removing all of these hazards, you can make your kitchen accessible for the disabled and the elderly.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To sum up all the discussion, we can say that now it has become a trend to make your kitchen for disabled people. It will eliminate the need for a caretaker and a chef who can cook for you. By making your kitchen Wheelchair Accessible, anyone in the house, no matter what their disability is, can come into the kitchen and cook.

If you are looking for a Construction Company that can make these changes for you, then nothing is better than SPN Construction Mobility. We have experts who take proper measurements before making any changes to suit your kitchen. The design team takes care of all the decorations that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. So, get ready for a new, renovated, and accessible kitchen.

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