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Why Railings For Seniors Are Important

For seniors who have low mobility and find climbing stairs difficult, railings for seniors are a great solution. These railings help the elderly easily access the upstairs level of their homes. Railings are freestanding, so you can use them anywhere in your home – inside or outside. They come with a width ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches and facilitate easy movement.

The first and foremost benefit of installing railings for elders is their safety. You should always choose a company with years of experience in this field and know-how to ensure safety measures. This article will discuss some key factors that can encourage you to add these railings to your home and make life easier for seniors.

What Are Railings?

Railings for seniors are a structure that surrounds something on either side and is best for support, decoration, or safety. Railings come in different materials, such as wrought or cast iron.

Railing vs Handrails

Railings for elders are a support feature for those who use stairs. It is a barrier designed to prevent people from falling over the edge of a vertical drop, such as stairs or roofs. Railings come in wood, metal, or other strong materials to ensure durability.

Handrails are an essential safety feature for all staircases and walkways. Their designs can vary significantly depending on the style of your home, but all handrails generally serve the same purpose. The handrail is sturdy and supportive, so you can glide the walker alongside you. The handles are suitable for arched or straight hands, and the non-slip gripping surface makes it easy to hold onto.

Which Material is Suitable For Railings?

Stainless steel is the most popular material to make railings for seniors. However, the sheer number of stainless steel options might be daunting to some or confusing even to architects, designers, and contractors. There are different grades, so it can get quite confusing if you're new to the industry.

The usual types of stainless steel in the industry are Type 304 and Type 316. The differences between these two types of steel come from how they became and what they were best for. Type 316 contains approximately 18% chromium and 10% nickel, making it the most resistant to corrosion among all other grades. This particular alloy is widely used in aggressive environments like brackish water, seawater, and various chemical applications because there is no risk of pitting corrosion when exposed to saltwater or chloride.

Benefits of Railings For Seniors

Ensure Safety

One of the most important benefits of railings for elders is safety. You can install them on stairways, patios, and other easily impacted areas by bumps, knicks, and spills, and they provide an important layer of protection against falls and injuries. This can be particularly helpful for older residents and visitors who may find it difficult to navigate stairs or walkways at night.


Adding railings for seniors can mark the passageways in your home and make it easy for you to get around. They also offer important visual cues for the layout of your home. For example, people will avoid spaces near open ledges without a railing, which is an inefficient use of your square footage.

Your residents' well-being is your top priority, but your railing systems are not just important for the old and infirm: wall or fence railings can help anyone in and around your hotel, retirement home or apartment building. With a range of designs and finishes to match any decor and styles to suit any budget, our railing for elders contributes to your peace of mind while designing to fit your establishment's look.

Enhance Look of Staircase

Railings for seniors can also add to the overall atmosphere of your home, in addition to bolstering safety throughout. They are perfect for the seniors who might stumble without them. They make the difference between a space of your home feeling like an occasionally frequented area or a hosting hotspot, such as adding handrails to a rear deck and making it feel much more like an expansion of your home.

Double The Value of Your Home

A railing for elders can be a necessary addition to your home if you are getting older, have a child or grandchild going in and out of your house. Another advantage of installing them is that they expand your home's worth and can urge visitors to buy it instantly.

A railing will provide added safety for all of your family members and visitors who have low mobility. It will help them step up in confidence, but it will also prevent any accidental falls that could cause unnecessary injuries. If you wish to sell your home in the future, your bottom line will strengthen because your house had handrails added.


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