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A Perfect Handicap Accessible Bathroom Modification

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Renovating a bathroom with the concept of aging in place and disabilities is one of the most popular handicap accessibility modifications for your home. This type of bathroom modification includes walk-in showers, walk-in tubs, and roll-in showers. It also includes adding a seat within a walk-in shower and bars that we install in the bathroom.

We install these Bathroom Modifications with advanced technology and keep in mind the idea and concept of disabled people.

There is no doubt that accessible bathroom solutions are pretty extensive because they include handicap accessible showers, grab bars, shower seats, roll-in showers, and bathroom accessories. Moreover, we also specialize in removing the old tub with a new one with a barrier-free ADA shower.

ADA Bathroom Modification

A handicap-accessible bathroom is designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities to create independence. People with limited mobility find such a bathroom easy to use as we have grab bars that are perfect for helping the old or disabled people to stand up and balance themselves in the bathroom.

It is essential for an ADA bathroom that its process goes smoothly from start to end. That is why people trust SPN Construction and its accessible solutions to handle all of your remodelling projects.

Whether it is your home or commercial property, we always take extra measures to ensure your safety during the renovation process.

Accessible Replacement

If you want to replace your old shower tub with highly accessible, barrier-free, and cost-efficient showers, then you are in the right place. Our experts built these showers to maximize the safety, value, useability, and comfort of disabled people.

We consider the bathroom a dangerous place because the water increases the risk of falling, and thus it leads to serious injury. Therefore, our contractors and professional team look for safe bathing solutions for bathroom renovations.

A slippery floor can also increase the danger in the bathroom but installing a barrier-free shower removes all of such problems and gives you a more comfortable and secure bathing experience.

In addition to this, we also carry several accessories for the disabled that make it easy to take a shower without the assistance of others.

Grab Bars For People with Limited Disabilities

The essential addition for your home is the most practical one and give more independence to older adults. We install grab bars apace with showers and toilets to provide support.

Hence, working with experts and their professional solutions ensures that these installations work properly and provide adequate safety.

Handicap and Wheelchair Showers

Handicap and Wheelchair showers are a comfortable way for the disabled to take a bath, and they also provide a sleek and elegant look to your bathroom. Furthermore, advanced systems also make it easy to use the bathroom with a wheelchair for those dealing with mobility issues.

Bathroom Design Modifications

Most people think that bathroom modifications can ruin the overall look of their beautiful bathroom, so they sometimes avoid these modifications. But, with SPN Construction, our designers keep in mind your bathroom's overall landscape and design, and thus we install these modifications. We have unique but straightforward bathroom designs that will improve the mobility of the disabled.

We take care of the space and take proper measurements of the area where we install these showers or bars. Not only this, but you can also choose the colour, and tiling finishing for your bathroom. There are a variety of colours available for bathroom designs that add a bold statement to your bathroom. So, it is easy to match your existing interior and add a touch of personalization to your bathroom. This way, we customize every bathroom to the requirements of our customers.

Bathroom Modification
Accessible Bathroom Modification

Consequently, you will have several benefits only with one safe and secure modification.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

While making modifications, we also keep in mind that you can easily access your bathroom with a wheelchair. For instance, if you want to wash your hands, we install your washbasin so that you can easily clean your hands without the assistance of anyone, and there is no obstacle in the way. These basins are lower and user-friendly for people who cannot stand on their own.

Moreover, we make extra space at the entrance so that wheelchair users can quickly enter and exit from the restroom. These simple modifications can turn into a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.

Closing Remarks!

SPN Construction is passionate to help people to deal with their disabilities so that they can easily engage themselves in normal activities within their homes. We have a range of accessible solutions for better living for your bathroom and beyond. We aim to modify the residential and commercial building that gives senior people with disabilities independence and hence increase their safety and mobility. So, you can visit our website and contact us to improve mobility.


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